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Portal BoothTM

Our patented Portal BoothTM for 2-way visual and verbal communication by users to fully engage a host system.




Our patented Portal BoothTM can offer easy to recognize images for users to quickly absorb information and achieve clarity.


Vertically placed Portals automatically adjusted to eye-level allow customers to engage in exchanging information with the retailer at a comfortable head and body position.


The vertical Portal blocks visual distractions by filling the user’s ~80% field of vision, as well as obstruct sound waves from disruptive background noises.


Curved Portal’s center of visual symmetry gravitates the customers to directly in front of the Portal for the full communication experience.


Simulate the most comfortable viewing setting of an immersing theater environment.


A network of Portals can be coordinated to create simulaneous communications to all occupants within a facility, or provide continuous communication for a given user moving from one Portal Booth to another within a facility without the need to login and logout, or provide coordinated communication through such Portals to multiple users all simultaneously moving about within the same facility.