To meet your restaurant goals and budget, we offer a range of products that generate additional sales, lower staffing cost, and increase efficiency. They also provide a superior restaurant experience to what customers have been used to getting.

CUSTOMER SIDE (convenient, easy, anytime, anywhere)... 

RESTAURANT STAFF SIDE (fast, efficient, accurate)...


➤  Flex Cloud Order System™

Full Service Order System including online order, mobile App, in-store kiosks 

➤  Sync Kiosks™

2 Way Interactive Stations available in Standing, Wall Mounted, or Counter Versions

➤  Online Customer Order Service (Customizable, Promotions, Payment...)

Wide Range of Services to meet Your Customer's Fulfillment

➤  Payment Service (Mastercard, Visa, PayPal...)

Your customers has flexibility to use a wide range of payment methods

➤  Data Analytics (Demographics, Time-of-Day, Geolocation...)

 Information gathered about customers can be converted to sales or promotions