In-Store Sync Kiosk™


Self-Serve Intelligent Kiosks for Customers Accessing Digital Menu/POS System. 


Actual Sales Lift with Staff Savings... Customers Demand Better Experience


Our patented Sync Kiosks™ offers restaurants proven 20% to 40% sales lift, order accuracy, labor-saving and marketing/promotion results, while customers gain customizable (added sales) options, order tracking, and better combined physical/digital experience.


Restaurants using the intelligent Sync Kiosk™ not only increase efficiency in fulfilling orders but also provides:


➢  Proven Sales Lift from Customizable Options and Auto Promotions

➢  Visual Elements to Excite Customers

➢  Detailed Customization & Suggestions (additional revenues) of Your Products 

➢  Better Control of Order Process by Savvy Customers

➢  Measurable Savings from Reduced Cashier Staff 


As the hospitality industry increasingly engages in-store digital usage to fulfill customers, the results are sales lift and lower staff costs. On top of that, the usage data collected – including timing and location – can be analyzed and leveraged for proprietary or even 3rd party promotions. Our service can be integrated with your existing POS devices.


We offer a range of Sync Kiosks™ to meet your needs and budget (Standing, Wall-Mounted, & Counter).



Contact us for a FREE consultation on how our patented Sync Kioskcan increase sales and reduce staff cost.


Our network of Sync Kiosks™ are in use at Anaheim Convention Centers