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Ambient Intelligence



Digital 3rd Hand Tool for Passengers Interacting with Airport Host

Using Devices in the Surroundings. 


Ambient Interface for You to Look Up to...


Users inside a facility interfacing with a host cloud system can go from looking down at a mobile to looking up at our Ambient Interface Stations. As your field of vision for our service is outward in a public setting, you can now focus more with the people and activities in your surroundings. Our AI conveniently drops your cloud of conversation to a fixed station nearby where you are. Our patented service automatically allows you to continue your cloud conversation with all its digital contents each time you drop by one of our Ambient Stations.


Suitable users include passengers in airport terminals, medical staff in healthcare facilities, first responders in emergency locations, employees at corporate facilities, personnel on military bases, residents at home, or other locations where users are physically or mentally preoccupied and still need to interact with a host system.